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by Marcus Norris

Posted 7 hours ago

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Curiosity got the best of me and I touched a jellyfish the other day lol. Only the top tho, I learned that from Nemo’s dad. #Miami #Jellyfishing

Posted 2 days ago

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Good morning! ☀️🌊. It just seems like it goes on forever, I can understand why the ancients thought the world was flat lol. #Miami #SouthBeach

Posted 5 days ago

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I miss my Midwest friends and family everyday, but I’m not gonna miss winter at all. I’ve retired my snow shovel lol. #Miami.

Posted 1 week ago
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    Got my copy of the CD today. I co-produced #8 “Act Out This Song”. Listen to the album or order yours from @dcandap at DCandAP.com !

    Posted 1 week ago

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    Exploring. Miami x Marcus Norris. Photo by @arieyayo creeping on me, she’s getting good. #Miami #SouthBeach

    Dan Collins - Act Out This Song (Co-Produced by Marcus Norris)

    I’m really proud of how this song came out. It’s a song I co-produced recently for my friend Dan Collins and a Piano. Check out “Act Out This Song” here, but you should check out the whole album!


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    Posted 2 weeks ago

    Posted 2 weeks ago

    Marcus Norris in Hex Hectic’s “Life’s Hectic” Show

    Recently I was in an episode of my bro Hex Hectic’s “Life’s Hectic” show, shot sometime over the summer when I was back in Chicago.

    Posted 2 weeks ago

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    Bow to your duck overlord. #miami #fiu

    Posted 3 weeks ago
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    an important factual presentation by me

    All the facts.

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    Forgotten Frustrations for Solo Cello

    Forgotten Frustrations for Solo Cello

    Get the sheet music here http://store.marcusnorris.com/merch/forgotten-frustrations-pdf-sheet-music

    Forgotten Frustrations – Over time I have learned that sometimes reflecting on a troubling situation can cause more damage than the original situation itself. In Forgotten Frustrations, the cello goes through this process for itself.

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    Posted 3 weeks ago

    Composer. Producer for Tink, Jean Deaux, Rhymefest, Justin Ruff & more. Studio Instructor for Kanye West's Donda's House. Getting Masters in Music @ FIU in Miami,.
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